Operetta, performed in the Church Rooms, New Tupton March 1938


The following plays were performed at the Old Tupton Association Hall, by Old Tupton Methodist Dramatic Society:

Uncle John From Yorkshire

One Act, January 1956

Three Half Crowns   

by John J Melluish. Three Act farce. January 1957

Pearly Pearls & Uncle Ben

Two Act & One Act farces January 1958

Wishing Well

by E Eynon Evans. Three Act comedy January 1959

Mr Satyas Great Idea

One Act. For the British & Foreign Bible Society, at the Court House, Clay Cross, April 1959

The Younger End

by Wilfred Massey. Three Act comedy January 1960

 See How They Run

by Philip King. Three Act farce February 1961

The following plays were performed by a cast from Old Tupton Methodist Church, in the Church

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

Easter play, March 1975 – the first of our Easter plays

Night On The Hill

Easter play, April 1976

The Unexpected Visitor

Christmas play, December 1976

We Want Barabbas

Easter play, April 1977

The Masterpiece

Christmas play, December 1977

Saints Of God

Easter play, March 1978

The Righteous Man

Easter play, April 1979



Most of the following plays were performed on the stage in the Schoolroom at Old Tupton Methodist Church:

Bitter Heart

by G R Myres. Easter play, April 1980

Painted Sparrows

by Guy Paxton & Edward Hoile. Three Act play, December 1980

The Vigil

by Ladislas Fodor. Easter play, April 1981

Wishing Well

by E Eynon Evans. Three Act, February 1982

Count Me Out

Easter play, April 1982

The Ninth Hour

Easter play, March 1983

The Victory Of The Cross

Easter play, April 1984

On The Hill

Easter play, April 1985

Ma’s Bit O’ Brass

By Roland Gow. Three Act comedy, November 1985


Counsel For The Defence

by Elizabeth Hale

Easter play, March 1986, also performed at Stonebroom Methodist

Basinful Of The Briny

by Leslie Sands. Three Act comedy, November 1986

Three Men

by Betty Haworth. Easter play, April 1987

Bless This House

by E Eynon Evans. Thee Act, November 1987

The House Top

by Cecil Tugman

Easter play, March 1988, also performed at Stonebroom Methodist


by Charlotte Hastings. Three Act, November 1988

The Easter Story

By N Parker

Easter play, March 1989, also performed at St Bartholomew’s Church, Clay Cross

Sailor Beware

by Philip King. Three Act comedy, November 1989

The Brothers

by Elizabeth Hale. Easter play, April 1990

Jane Eyre

adapted by Helen Jerome. Three Act, November 1990

No Name In The Street

by Edward Murch. Easter play, March 1991

When We Are Married

 by J B Priestley. Three Act comedy, December 1991

His Mother

Easter play, April 1992

Dark Lucy

by Philip King & Parnell Bradbury. Three Act, November 1992

Love’s A Luxury

by Guy Paxton & Edward V Hoile. Three Act farcical comedy, February 1993

Clerical Errors

by Georgina Reid. Comedy, April 1993


June 1993 – for the Church’s 150th Anniversary Celebrations

Gathering Storm

by Gordon Glennon. Three Act, November 1993

Wedding Of The Year

by Norman Robbins. Three Act comedy, February 1994

By Thy Glorious Resurrection

by Irene Caudwell. Easter play, March 1994

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

adapted by Constance Cox. Three Act comedy, November 1994

Haul For The Shore

by Jean McConnell. Three Act comedy, February 1995

Scarlet Ribbon

by Rae Shirley. Three Act, April 1995

Here We Come Gathering

by Philip King & Anthony Armstrong. Three Act comedy, November 1995

Goodnight Mrs Puffin

by Arthur Lovegrove. Three Act comedy, February 1996

The Victory Of The Cross

by M Creagh-Henry .Easter play, April 1996

Because Of The Lockwoods

adapted by Constance Cox. Three Act, November 1996

I’ll Get My Man

by Philip King. Three Act farce, January 1997

The Hill

by Sylvia Read. Easter play, March 1997, also performed at Heanor Baptist & Stonebroom Methodist

The Woman In White

adapted by Constance Cox. Three Act, November 1997

Pool’s Paradise

by Philip King. Three Act farce, February 1998

Eyes Upon The Cross

by Don A Mueller. Easter play, April 1998, also performed at Somercotes Hill Methodist Church

Death And The Maiden

by Georgina Reid. Three Act, November 1998

Post Horn Gallop

by Derek Benfield. Three Act farce, February 1999

Not This Man But Barabbas

by Walter Stacey. Easter play, March 1999, also performed at Somercotes Hill

If Four Walls Told

by Edward Percy. Three Acts, November 1999

Bitter Heart

by G R Myers

Easter play, April 2000, also performed at Heanor, Somercotes Hill  & Stonebroom

See How They Run

by Philip King. Three Act farce, June 2000, also performed at Clay Cross Social Centre

Hopes & Dreams

by Graham Kendrick, Paul Field & Stephen Deal

Performed by Clay Cross Methodist Circuit, at Clay Cross Social Centre, Mortimer Wilson School, Stonebroom St Peter & Newton Methodist, 2000

Maiden Ladies

by Guy Paxton & Edward V Hoile. Three Act comedy, March 2001

On The Hill by Edward Murch & Sorrow Into Joy  by Dorothy Myring

Easter plays, April 2001, also performed at Somercotes Hill

Mist over the Mistletoe

Dan Sutherland. Three Act, November 2001

The Late Mrs Early

by Norman Robbins. Three Act comedy, April/May 2002

Shop At Sly Corner

by Edward Percy. Three Act, November 2002

The First Easter

by Les Ellison. Easter play, April 2003

The Secret Tent

by Elizabeth Addyman. Three Act, November 2003

Friday To Sunday by Joan Hardy and The Rose Has Thorns by Edward Bennett

Easter plays, April 2004

Fish Out Of Water

by Derek Benfield. Comedy, November 2004

Marigold Meadows

by Andrew Dennis. Comedy, February 2005

Message Of Easter

by Betty Haworth. Easter play, March 2005

Lloyd George Knew My Father

by William Douglas Home. November 2005

Pick Of The Season

by Jean McConnell. Three Act comedy, February 2006

Innocent Blood

by Thomas Doran. Easter play, April 2006

School for Spinsters

by Roland Pertwee. Three Act, November 2007

The Proof Of The Poison

by Falkland L Cary & Philip Weathers. Three Act, February 2007

Once To Every Man

by Frank Cumbers. Easter play, April 2007

Where There’s A Will

by R F Delderfield. Three Act comedy. November/December 2007

Night On The Hill

by T B Morris. Easter play. March 2008

Quiet Weekend

by Esther McCracken. Three Act comedy. November 2008

Ladies In Retirement

by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham. Three Act. March 2009

The Sanhedrin Court  by W.G.R.G. and A Stranger On The Road by Beatrix Carter

Easter plays, April 2009


by Jack Popplewell. Three Act comedy, December 2009

The Happiest days of Your Life

by John Dighton. Three Act comedy, April 2010

And Then There Were None

by Agatha Christie. Three Act. November 2010

Watch It, Sailor!

by Philip King & Falkland L Cary. Three Act comedy. March 2011

John Mark

Easter play by Betty Haworth

April 2011

Annie, One, Two, Three

 by David Summers A Murder Mystery in two acts

November 2011

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Easter play by Charles Stewart Black

April 2012

Blithe Spirit

An improbable farce by Noel Coward

April 2012

Cat's Cradle

by Leslie Sands

November 2012

The Other Carpenter

a one-act play for Easter by John F Wells

March 2013

Independent Means

by Stanley Houghton

April 2013

Rock A Bye Sailor

by Philip King and Falkland L Cary

November 2013

Three One Act Plays

'The Dear Departed' a comedy by Stanley Houghton

'Lonesome-Like' by Harold Brighouse

'Fumed Oak' by Noel Coward

April 2014

Vinegar - a one act play for Easter

by DJD Smart

April 2014

Murder for the Asking

by Derek Benfield

November 2014

From Cyrene to Jerusalam

by C H Badley Easter 2015

Three One Act Plays 

'Russian Salad' by Philip Johnson

'April Dawn' by Philip Johnson

'Grannie's A Hundred' by Ronald Gow

April 2015

Strike Happy

a farcical comedy by Duncan Greenwood

November 2015

This Innocent Man

by C.H. Badley, Easter 2016

Murder by Misadventure

by Edward Taylor April 2016


by Patrick Hamilton Nov/December 2016

Friends and Neighbours

by Austin Steele

a comedy in two acts, March 2017

The Three Mothers

by C H Badley

Easter, April 2017

Spring and Port Wine

by Bill Naughton

Nov/Dec 2017

Is it True?

A play for Easter in a prologue and five scenes

by C H Badley

Easter, March 2018

Snake in the Grass

by Alan Ayckbourn

May 2018

The Ghost Train

by Arnold Ridley

Nov/Dec 2018

Fallen Angels

by Noel Coward

9 to 13 April 2019


by Ronald Harwood

November 2019

(No productions for two years due to Covid 19)

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens, adapted by Andrew Bradley

November 2021