Alan Harris

our Founder, guide and mentor




April 6th 1929 - January 22nd 2010


All Chapel Players will have their special

personal memories of Alan Harris. He was 

an inspiration to everyone in the drama 

group. Alan had such enthusiasm, drive, 

persuasive charms, high standards of 

production and a great and infectious love

 of the drama work at Tupton, which he led 

for so many years. He had that special

 quality of knowing just what our loyal

 audience would enjoy.

He worked tirelessly to ensure that all
aspects of each production - the set and 

staging, the light and sound, cast and 

costumes, publicity and refreshments and, 

most importantly, the telling of the story 

came together during 'play week'.

Alan at times could be a demanding, yet
always caring and considerate director. He 

simply wanted the BEST from us all! Alan 

was always appreciative of everyone's

 contributions and knew the value of team 


He always made you feel involved. As we 

work together to rehearse our current play,

 Alan's guiding spirit will never be far from

 our collective thoughts.

By John Harrop, 2010

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